08 Aug

A few days ago, I stumbled across Ruth’s blog.

I was intrigued by Ruth’s story.

I discovered her on the Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blog Network.

Being a pretty spiritual person, and being trained in psychology, abuse, behavior, and how relationships work (among other things), I found a network for victims of spiritual abuse quite fascinating.

But, the thing about this site that drew me is that I understand.

Because I’ve been there. This thing is personal.

I read on…. Stopping by Chandra’s blog, I spent lots of hours pouring over the story of this girl who grew up homeschooled.

Like me.

I’ve never told my story because I knew that doing so had great potential to further alienate me from my family. This is not something that I want to see happen. And I know this is a definite possibility. In both of the stories I mentioned above, the young women chose to tell the truth, and because they told the truth, their relationships with their families have been fractured.

But, these stories hold a great deal of hope as well. Life does go on. And it can be even better than it has ever been.

Sometimes, you gotta let go of the things you have in order to be given something better.

And so, this is my story….

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