On This Day in History

15 Aug

On this day in history in 1969 the Woodstock Music Festival opened in Bethel, New York.

And, on this date in history in 2012, this girl took a not-to-terribly exciting class on how to diffuse and deescalate physical and verbal crises. (Just wanted to throw that out there….)

And, on this date in 1912, according to, Julia Child was born.

And also, on this day in history, my mum and dad welcomed their first baby — a tiny little boy — into the world.

Jonathan was tiny because he was born several weeks ahead of schedule.

Last week, my mom and I were examining the newest baby in the family, who had been born 2.5 weeks before her due date. I pointed out the soft fuzz on her ears and my mom told me that this is normal for babies that make their appearance before they’re fully cooked. (Ok, so I’m employing poetic license there — she didn’t say “fully cooked.”) She also told me that next time I look at my brother’s newborn pictures, I’ll be able to see an example of what it looks like for a baby that was born even earlier.

I don’t know anything of interest that happened in Jonathan’s babyhood, but I can tell you that he turned out to be a lot of things:

  • A “first-born child” with all the characteristics of a typical first-born: very conscientious and independent.
  • He is very intelligent. He’s probably read more books than I have — and I’ve read a lot!! He also began to learn Greek in high school, something that none of the rest of us even attempted. He also got the short end of the stick — because he was the oldest — in that he had to try a bunch of different “extra” curriculum that got ditched before the rest of us got a chance to use them. (One year, he did consumer math in addition the the regular math he had. That sort of thing.)
  • It’s appropriate that he was born on Julia Child’s birthday. Jonathan was the bread-baker in the family. He did an awesome job at it!
  • He was the quiet one of the family and is (to this day) the most laid back of any of us.
  • Jonathan is probably the most generous person I know.

Jonathan is the one that has truly figured out what it means to be a big brother. He teases. He does everything he can to get a reaction out of me.

But if anyone else would dare to try to do the same thing to me, he’d beat the crap out of them.

So, if you know my brother, give him a call and wish him a happy birthday. Cuz he’s awesome like that.

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