And Then There Were Two

17 Aug

Before there was Me: Part 5

My second brother, Andrew was born nearly two years after Jonathan.

Today, I’d say my favorite part about Andy is that he’s daddy to a special little 2-year old girl and a precious 3-week old baby girl. And of course, husband to a wonderful lady.

Another thing I love about him is that he knows everything there is to know about air conditioners. This came in very handy about a month ago when I was in the market for one.

But that is today.

Andy is a typical “middle child.” I could go into a lot of family dynamics about how this works, but I’ll spare you. It’s true that middle children seek outside relationships more than oldest or youngest children because they’re constantly in the shadow of the doted-on oldest and the doted-on baby of the family. This was true of Andy. He has always been the social butterfly of the family.

In a lot of ways, Andy is an initiator. He was the first one to get a paper route. The first one to get a real job. The first one to pursue a romantic relationship (not a courtship!). The first one to permanently leave home. The first one to graduate from college. The first one to get married. The first one to have a baby.

My brother has a lot going for him.

But it came with a price.

He had to choose to live his life rather than the life that was chosen for him. That takes a great deal of strength; a great deal of conviction; a great deal of courage. Making that choice was tough. But once he made the choice, he never wavered.

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