Gratitude Post

08 Nov

If I were to find an old wooden post

And carve the word


on it,

I would have

a gratitude post.

Or, if I want to be

really creative

I could open up my blog

and write about all the things I’m



and that

would also be

a gratitude post.

Last year at this time, I was living in a basement apartment that was infested with spiders, had one window, uneven stairs the ceiling of which was the height of my shoulder, and which never got above 62 degrees.

When I got home from work every day, I would turn on the electric blanket on the bed for a couple of hours. When it got to be bed time, I would turn the shower on as hot as it would go and stand in the shower until I was toasty warm. Then I’d put my bed buddy in the microwave for a couple of minutes and then put it under the covers at the foot of my bed, crawl under the 8 or so blankets (plus a sweat shirt, fuzzy warm jammie pants and at least 2 pairs of socks), and drift off into peaceful, blissfully warm, comforting sleep.

Inevitably, I would wake up with freezing cold toes.

(And a cold nose.)

Five months ago, I moved up in the world.

I live in the same building. But now I’m on the top floor. I have 5 windows(!), a bathtub (!) and today’s high temperature in my humble abode was (according to the thermometer next to my chair) 86 degrees.

I no longer have need of the electric blanket — at least, I haven’t needed it so far!

I have only 3 blankets on my bed.

I only need one pair of socks and I’ve traded in the sweatshirt for a t-shirt.

This morning, I woke up toasty warm.

And my toes weren’t frozen.

And for that, I am grateful.

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