05 Dec

I’m reading a book by Donald Miller called “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.”

Donald Miller is my favorite author of all time.

Why? Because he writes like I think.

And, I like to think that I write like I think too, and since he writes like I think AND he’s such a successful author, there must be hope for little ol’ me with my little ol’ stories about this and that and whatever happens to pop into my head.

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years is a book about stories. It’s about lives and how to make your personal life a story that’s worth telling, worth reading, and worth experiencing. He’s writing from personal experience — he’s writing about editing his life so that it can be made into a movie. (Miller’s book, “Blue Like Jazz” was made into a movie which came out in 2012.)

There are many deep, thought-provoking statements in Miller’s books.

Take, for instance, the title of one of the chapters in A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: A Character is What He Does

In this chapter, Miller tells a story of trying to move his story along while writing the script for the movie. He stated that he thought that Don, the movie character, should get angry. The producers (or directors or whoever they were) asked how he was going to let the audience know that Don was angry. Real-life Don said “We’ll just tell them.”

His assistant’s response to this was, “A character is what he does.”

In other words, if a character doesn’t DO something, it’s not happening.

It’s true in the movie making business, but it’s also true in life. If you get out of bed every morning, eat a bowl of cocoa puffs, go to work, grab McDonald’s on the way home, crawl into bed, repeat…. day…. after…. day…. after… day — are you actually living? Are you actually telling a story? Are you actually YOU — the you you were intended to be? Are you anything more than just a conglomeration of cells that perform tasks? Does your conglomeration of cells have meaning?

What is the main character in your story doing? Is it meaningful? Is it helpful? Is it producing good things? Is there are purpose to your life? What kind of story are YOU telling with your life?

I want to tell you a true story. The story is this:

You are the person who decides what kind of story your life will be.

And, the sky is the limit. Don’t let the expectations of others altar who you are or the story of your life. Don’t let past experiences altar it. Don’t let fear, pain or habits keep you from writing a best-seller with your life.

Live boldly. Live vibrantly. Take a risk now and then. Do whatever it takes. Just don’t allow your story to become stagnant — because you were made for great things. You were made to write the best best-seller on the market.

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