09 Jun

One thing that I really like about my church is that they almost never do music that I did with the worship team I used to be part of.

Today was an exception.

Instead of thinking about Jesus at church today, I thought about how messed up the whole situation was back then.

Back then, there was a question as to which key to play the song in. Being a soprano, I typically enjoy singing more if the song is in a higher key. I cast my vote for the higher key — and I was promptly criticized by another worship team member because “the only reason you want the higher key is so you can sing higher notes.”

Um, yes. Isn’t that sort of the point of playing a song in a higher key?

Apparently higher notes are evil or something? Maybe? Does this make me evil because singing high notes is sort of my thing?

I spent several years feeling guilty for preferring to sing that song in a higher key. I’m not making that up.

Today I realized that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being able to sing the high notes — and there’s also nothing wrong with enjoying doing something that you’re good at. I also realized that there was no reason for anybody to be critical of my opinion. My opinion is just as valid as anybody else’.

And, I’m incredibly grateful that I’m no longer part of that group.


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2 responses to “#74

  1. struemphette

    July 12, 2013 at 1:25 AM

    I understand and agree with the underlying point of the post (of course you aren’t evil for having opinions), but from a choral perspective, sticking to a higher key can reduce the overall quality of a piece. Consider that forcing others into uncomfortable/unstable portions of their range reduces their enjoyment and ability to contribute. How many times I have wanted to throw in my voice, but couldn’t, because the notes weren’t within reach. This is exactly the problem with so many church choirs, they end up with a few brave tenors, an occasionally solid bass, and an assortment of altos and sopranos who cringe and curdle beneath a select group of overbearing shrill divas.

    • marismuses

      July 12, 2013 at 9:03 PM

      I want to point out that the piece was originally written in the key that I was more comfortable with — and I was more comfortable with it because I knew how to sing some harmonies in the higher key and I’m not particularly good at coming up with harmonies without hearing the song about 5 million and sixty-four times first. So, transposing it was basically like taking me out of the mix altogether. The choice was to leave it alone so everyone (including congregation) could join in, or transpose it so that one person could sing it as she wished. The song is not in a high key at all and transposing it lower made it…. too low…. for everyone except the person who wanted it transposed and perhaps a few baritones and basses.


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