Hatin’ on August

23 Aug

August is my least-favorite month.

There’s nothing quite like waking up in the morning feeling like your head is about to explode.

The heat.
The heat wouldn’t be so bad if the humidity wasn’t at 900%.

If you combine the issues from the allergy section and the issues from the heat section, your head might as well explode because you can’t breathe anyway.

School starts.

I’m not hatin’ on school. I love to learn.

But. It’s sad when everybody starts going to bed at 7:30 to get ready for their school routine.

It’s sad that learning becomes mandatory. Because its funner to learn when you don’t have to.

It’s sad that all of a sudden one day you’re driving down the road and you realize that the speed limit is 15 MPH because school is now in session. This makes me particularly sad because my job consists primarily of driving and getting places on time. It’s really bad on 11th, because there is one school after another on that road. The Middle School. The High School. Lake Area Tech. Mount Marty College. They are all neighbors to one another and you have to drive 15 for about a mile straight.

It’s frustrating.

The Pool.
The pool closes in August. Just when it starts getting warm enough to want to go to the pool, the pool closes for the year.

Everybody’s busy.
No more spontaneous picnics. No more random shopping trips. No more fun and games. It’s all suffering through the sinus issues, the sweltering humidity, the crazy slow speed limits and the homework and school schedules.

August is awful.

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