Dear Diary

31 Aug

At dinner tonight, my grandma told me that back in the day, when she went on trips, she would keep a diary of what went on throughout the day.

So, here is my diary for today:

Dear Diary,
Today I learned what a spade is.

The kind of spade that you use for digging.

I also learned exactly what “spading” entails.

In the process of learning about spades and spading, I made the acquaintance of several large worms and one enormous beetle. I also sentenced several weeds to their deaths.

After all of that, I learned that gumbo is not easily removed from spades, and since my Gramps wouldn’t dream of putting anything away dirty, I got in there with my hands and cleaned the spade up before putting it away. It sparkled like a diamond when I was done.

That one was for you, Gramps. I hope my nails don’t get all cracked and brittle and I hope it won’t completely ruin my cuticles.

On another note, the photo above details exactly what my love life is like. I spend a fair amount of time dreaming of Prince Charming. Meanwhile, if Prince Charming even realizes I exist, he’s got his nose pointed the other direction. Ok, so maybe he isn’t really that supercilious (hopefully not!), but this is what it feels like sometimes. Or maybe the problem is more that I believe that people should turn their noses up at me, so when they are indifferent, my brain says, “See? You’re right. You really aren’t good enough. You can dream all you want, but in the end, your life will consist of man after man turning his nose up and walking away.”

That is all. Ta-ta.

PS The photo is courtesy of me, taken by me, at my grandma’s house. She has a shelf full of these lovely “Kid” figurines. I think they are absolutely adorable.

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