There’s Always Room for Ice Cream….

16 Oct

I was pretty busy today and didn’t get much eating time in. It got to be 8:00 pm and I still had 300 calories to spare, so I thought I’d go to Dairy Queen and get a blizzard. After much (meticulous) research, I came to the conclusion that the Mint M&M blizzard has the fewest calories (of the flavors I could find info on), and since I love chocolate and mint and ice cream and basically everything about Mint M&M blizzards, I thought I’d have one.

A mini one. Because a blizzard’s a blizzard, even if it’s a baby one.

Several years ago, a friend of mine would ask me and our mutual friends if we wanted to go out for ice cream, and if someone said they “weren’t hungry,” he would say, “But there’s always room for ice cream! It melts and fills in all the gaps in your stomach.”

I used to live by that rule. No matter how full I was, I could eat ice cream. Lots of it. And I got rather um…. chubby…. in the process. Actually, most of my flab can be attributed to ice cream, which is really strange considering that I’m not really that fond of ice cream in the first place.

But then, 42 days ago, I decided that I was over that. I decided that winning the weight-loss challenge at work meant more to me than food did. And wellness in general meant more to me than food did. And as the days passed, I gradually began to conclude that nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. I’m far from being “skinny,” but when you can shop in the regular size clothing (rather than plus size), it gives you a little thrill, which I imagine is something like what “skinny” feels like.

Forty-two days into the process, I have discovered that “there’s always room for ice cream” isn’t completely true. There’s always room for ice cream if you want to have room for ice cream.

At some point in the past 42 days, I changed my mind. I no longer want to have room for ice cream — because nothing tastes as good as “skinny” feels. I can have it sometimes, and that’s fine. But as I was sitting there eating my baby-sized cup of minty goodness, I discovered at about the half-way mark that I was full.


Who knew?

There isn’t always room for ice cream.

I discovered, much to my astonishment, that it’s possible to train yourself to have a “full” line. And feeling full after an itty-bitty serving of ice cream (in comparison to what I used to eat!) feels…. amazing.


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2 responses to “There’s Always Room for Ice Cream….

  1. Chad VanLerberghe

    October 16, 2013 at 10:59 PM



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