30 Things, 4 years later: Day 1

11 Apr

Four years ago, I wrote a list of things I hoped to accomplish in the next 10 years. The next 30 days, I’ll be posting updates on each of them.

30 Things to Accomplish in my 30s! (In no particular order.)
#1. Write my autobiography. (This includes actually doing things worth reading about!)

I started this blog. I figured it was a good way to self-disclose and get used to people hearing my story and being interested in it.

I learned a few things along the way.

1. Two people experiencing the same incident will have two wildly different stories about it. That’s not a bad thing. It just makes it…. challenging…. when you want to tell your story.
2. It’s very easy to unintentionally hurt other people’s feelings.
3. Some things are very painful and difficult to talk about. I wrote until I got to the day I moved into my dorm room for college and I haven’t been able to go any further. Part of it is not wanting to hurt anybody. But most of it is that I have no idea at all what most of the stuff that happened to me during that time means. I don’t know what was valuable and what was junk. I need to sort out some things before I can continue.

As for doing things that are worth reading about….
•I almost took a trip to the Hot Springs in British Columbia. That one fell through. Turns out the guy who wanted to take me had a girlfriend who would have had a problem with it.
•I could have taken a trip to Oregon. Same guy. Same girlfriend. So much for that good idea.
•I’ve been propositioned by men like 8 times. Turned them down. That’s just not my style.
•I took the bull by the horns and started living rather than waiting for a dude to show up. I figured if I just waited,  I’d probably die having spent my life waiting for life to drop into my lap. So I got a job I love. I bought a house. I got braces on my teeth. I became a foster parent.

So, I guess I’m really not much further in my quest to write an autobiography than I was 4 years ago, but I’ve started.

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