30 Things, 4 Years Later: Day 12

21 Apr

30 Things to Accomplish in my 30s:
#12. Move to a place with higher ceilings, more than one window, a bathtub and a staircase that I can walk up and down without being hunched over. And that (preferably) doesn’t have any spiders.

When I first moved to South Dakota, I lived in a basement apartment that had one teeny window in the living room. It had 2 bedrooms and neither had a window. The ceiling in the stairway was a good 8 inches lower than the top of my head. It had a crappy shower. And it was infested with spiders. If there had been a fire, I definitely would have died. I had lived there for a year when I wrote this goal.

About a month after I wrote this goal, the apartment on the top floor of my building opened. One of my dear friends singlehandedly moved all of my belongings from the basement to the top floor. You can read about the situation here.

Even though the ceiling was falling in and it rained in my house when it rained outside, that was the nicest place I had lived in on my own.

A year and a half later, I moved into an apartment over a business at the intersection of two busy streets. I think there were about 6 bars within a few blocks, so between the drunk people and the traffic, it was loud. But — when I turned the water on, I got water! Not just a pitiful little trickle. And I didn’t have to lug my laundry anywhere. I loved that place for those two reasons. And because I had an awesome roommate.

One year later, I purchased this:


The ceilings are a full 8 feet from the floor. I have a whirlpool bath. No one has to bend over to get up and down the stairs.

And, I’ve only seen one spider in the past 13 months.

I think I done good.

I’m very happy that I have my house and that I can officially scratch this goal off the list.

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