30 Things, 4 Years Later: Day 14

23 Apr

30 Things to Accomplish in my 30s:
#14. Become a nurse.


My academic history is marred by a lot of difficult days and topics I knew nothing about.

School wasn’t easy, so I wasn’t exactly pumped to attempt it again.

I was very happy to find that the local tech school had an online option for their nursing program. Sitting in a room full of people had been so intimidating, so I jumped at the chance to try online education.

I did alright. I was shocked to see when I took the N-CLEX predictor test that I had a 97% chance of passing the N-CLEX on my first attempt.

So I didn’t study at all during the 3 weeks between the last day of class and my test appointment.

A few days before my test appointment, I read the chapter about test – taking from my prep book. I reread it the night before the exam and again immediately before the exam.

They don’t allow you to take anything into the test room except for yourself and your glasses if you use them. If you wear jewelry, they make you take it off. The process for checking in to the testing site is way more intimidating than the test itself. They take your picture and your handprint and they feel around in your hair to make sure you’re not smuggling anything in.

The test was a piece of cake.

I figured that since it was so easy, I had to have done something wrong.

But…. the next day, a friend informed me that the BON website had listed me as their newest licensed nurse.

Yay! I did it!

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