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Simply Rest

Today, nothing matters.

And tomorrow, nothing matters.

And the next day.

And the day after that.

Today, I am supposed to breathe. Tomorrow. The next day. The day after that. Today I am simply supposed to rest. Today, I am supposed to simply be present.

Today, I am supposed to take hold of all that is before me in this moment and receive what is here in this moment and offer what I can offer in this moment. Because this moment is the only one in front of me. Tomorrow doesn’t matter. The next day doesn’t matter. Not in this moment.

It is astounding the difference it makes when I am in the middle of what God has called me to do. Even if I can’t even begin to guess what He is asking of me in this moment. Sometimes I just know that even though I don’t know what my “thing” is at this moment, I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Sometimes not knowing what to do is exactly what I am supposed to be doing.

Sometimes, the only thing I am supposed to do is rest.





Sometimes, there is no “do.” Sometimes more is accomplished by waiting, being present in the moment, and laying hold of opportunities as they present themselves, than could ever be accomplished by relentlessly chasing after good things. Sometimes things that appear to be life-giving can be suffocating, simply because they take time. Sometimes, we focus too far out.

Sometimes, it just needs to be about today.

This hour.

This moment.

Sometimes, it is enough to simply rest.

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