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30 Things, 4 Years Later: Day 27


That being said:

30 Things to Accomplish in my 30s:
#27. Visit Ireland. And Iran. And India. And Iraq. And maybe even Afghanistan. I want to go to Ireland because I’ve always been fascinated with the beauty, and I want to go to the other countries because I feel so much compassion for the women and girls who are in bondage because of religion and culture.

This illustrates why this hasn’t happened yet:
And, here is a solution to this problem:

(I didn’t say it was a good solution!)

A serious look at the feasibility of international travel:
For me, it would be slower going than that because I only spend $10 or more on a meal maybe 3 times a year. I never get drinks and I don’t think I’ve ever had more than 4 meals out in any given 7-day period, unless I was traveling.

But, if I cut those 1-4 weekly meals out, I might be able to save enough for a ticket somewhere once a year. Maybe.

At any rate…. I’ve been thinking about why I listed the countries I did.

I mean…. Iran? Iraq? Afghanistan? Seriously?

When I wrote the original list, ISIS hadn’t become a thing yet.

I’m not as daring today as I was then.

My heart still breaks for the mamas and the little girls in those countries who are property, not people. My heart aches for the young boys who are brainwashed into believing that blowing themselves up is somehow a good idea. I weep for the mothers who have to watch their babies train for suicide missions.

It’s so wrong on so many levels.

So, no, I haven’t traveled. I won’t get to the Middle East any time soon. I may never go anywhere. Who knows what will happen?

Now, to commence with the eating at home thing so I can go to Canada so I can check out the Hot Springs and see Aurora Borealis.

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30 Things, 4 Years Later: Day 4

30 Things to Accomplish in My 30s:
#4. Visit every state in the United States that I haven’t been in yet.

About 6 weeks after I wrote this goal, my mom and I tag-teamed driving from South Dakota through Wyoming to Colorado to attend a funeral. We listened to Grandma’s collection of Burl Ives music as the miles passed. I’d never been in Wyoming or Colorado and I found the mountains particularly breathtaking. Burl Ives wasn’t half bad either.

That is the only traveling I’ve done.

I turned down a trip to Nashville with my brother. I saw Nashville at sunrise 11 years ago and that was good for me.

I turned down Arizona with the same brother — too broke.

I turned down Oregon with a random dude who said he just wanted company on the drive and a date to a wedding. Pretty sure he just wanted in my pants. And I hate weddings.

I turned down California on Arbor Day because I had to save my vacation time for clinicals. Apparently Arbor Day is a thing in California? I turned down California again because I was too broke. And part of it was that my friend had told me….. frightening?….. stories about things that go down in San Diego. I felt compelled to ask her what the chances were that I’d be murdered. Yes, I want to see California. Yes, I would love to see San Diego. But. I’m a little leery of the streets of San Diego.

I turned down Texas with the brother who wanted to do the other two trips — Not particularly interested in the concert he wants to attend. And I have to work that weekend.

The problem with this particular goal is that at this stage in life, you travel with your spouse and kids. I don’t have a spouse or kids. Most of my friends do. So that means my option is to travel alone. That’s no fun at all. Or I could travel with the single men I know — except that the guys who wanted to get in my pants aren’t in my life anymore and the ones who don’t want to get in my pants don’t want to travel with women because it’s just not done.

But, I can dream. I’m particularly excited by the possibility of seeing Alaska, which I hope to visit in March (so I can see the Aurora Borealis in all its glory) and Hawaii around about January or February. Oh, I can hardly wait!

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